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Laser Hair Removal from Caddell's Laser and Electrolysis Clinic

Laser Hair Removal at Caddell's Laser Clinic
Laser hair removal is a safe, effective treatment for the removal of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is a procedure in which hair is destroyed utilizing a hot beam of light that passes through the skin to the hair follicle where it is absorbed by the hair. In laser hair removal, the laser energy is then transformed into heat which destroys stem cells lining the follicle wall. Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly cosmetic treatments done in the U.S.
Benefits from having Laser Hair Removal include:
  • Speed - Some areas, such as the upper lip take a few minutes to treat. Other small areas, such as the underarm or bikini can be treated in as little as 15 minutes, while other areas, such as the legs or back can take up to an hour.
  • Time Savings - Not having to wax or shave once treatments have begun can be a real time saver.
  • Accuracy - The laser focuses on the hair, leaving the surrounding skin untouched.
  • Cost - Laser Hair Removal costs less than years and years of waxing.
Caddell's Laser Clinic uses the Candela GMaxPro Lasers which has two wavelengths, the Alexandrite 755nm for Fair to Medium Skin and the Nd:Yag 1064nm for Olive to Very Dark pigmented skin. This laser allows Caddell's to be able to successfully treat all skin types. During the laser hair removal procedure, the specialists at Caddell's determine the client's skin type using the Fitzpatrick skin chart, to determine which laser will be most effective for the laser hair removal treatment.

 Wonderful place! Professional, informative, compassionate and gentle. I've always had a positive experience with everyone here!! I will continue to use Caddell's for my laser needs. I recommend them for everyone!! LB

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