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YG Labs Skin Care Products

 Caddell’s Laser Clinic is proud to announce their new skin care product line from YG Labs. No matter what your skin type or skin problems, YG Labs has the solution. 

 What is YG Labs?

YG Labs is a science-based skin product line that has developed skin care products that deliver real results. They incorporate the latest in ingredient technology to bring you dependable, skin and body care.
YG Labs offers a full product line, including Cleansers, Toners & Mists, Moisturizers, Power Plexes™ and Exfoliators to help clean, tone, moisturize and protect your skin from our everyday harsh environment.

From Start to Finish YG Labs Can Give You Healthy, Beautiful and Youthful Skin.

 START: The cleansers offer you a clean start to your skin care routine.  The selection includes: 

•    The Ultra-Gentle Cleansing Lotion is for Sensitive Skin and gently washes away impurities. It is fragrance, sulfate and soap-free and dermatologist tested.
•    A cleanser safe for all skin types is the Antioxidant Hydrating Cleansing Mousse – it cleanses, tones and removes makeup in one easy step. The luxurious foam purifies your pores and protects your skin from moisture loss while the omega-rich antioxidants protect barrier lipids from toxic oxidation. Your skin stays soft, moist and comfortable.
•    Panthenol Cleanser is for combination skin – those with normal to slightly dry or dehydrated skin. This richly foaming soap-free gel will hydrate dry and dehydrated skin and protect it from moisture loss during cleansing.

CONTINUE: The YG Labs Toners and Mists Refresh, Refine and Revitalize your skin while delivering moisture and preparing your skin for moisturizers and high-performance treatments.

•    The Visibly Moist Toner is for dry and dehydrated skin and delivers 16 moisture magnets that hydrate instantly and cool the skin on contact. It is made from refreshing plant extracts and is alcohol-free.
•    To neutralize the effects of tobacco smoke, smog and surface radicals use Pollution Solution ™ Mist. It works in seconds and last for hours and is a refreshing blend of vitamins and plant extracts.

FINISH: Your skin care regime wouldn’t be complete without the YG Labs Moisturizers. These moisturizers soothe, smooth, rehydrate and repair damaged and dry skin. They are sunscreen free for 24/7 wear and you can choose from light to luxurious, lotions to cremes. These hard-working smart products go beyond moisturizing.

•    The Continuous Moisture Crème is for extremely dry skin, leaving it luscious while delivering a strong barrier of repair.
•    Moisture Replenishing Crème is for slightly dry to slightly oily skin. It is a smart moisturizer that can adjust to the hydration needs of any type skin. It includes Vitamins A, stabilized C & E - three moisturizing age fighters that form a reservoir of moisture that lasts for up to 20 hours.

REPAIR: The YG Labs products for repairing or defending your skin are created using high potency concentrates that maximize your skin’s fitness and help repair damage. There are different types of repair products – Exfoliators, PowerPlexes ™ Serums, and TRCs.

  • BHA/Enzyme Surface Peel is perfect for acne prone skin. This grain-free exfoliant gently removes dead cells from pores while preventing clogged pores. It eliminates rough, flaky skin while cooling the skin and diffusing visible redness.
  •  B3/Enzyme Exfoliating Crème is an enzyme packed exfoliator that is perfect for all skin types. It gently resurfaces and refines skin for an ultra-smooth texture while brightening and evening skin color. It softens surface comedones, easing their removal while minimizing surface lines and enlarge pores. The results are fresh, young, glowing skin.
  • Crystal Clarity Microdermabrasian Crème is perfect for all skin types and uncovers fresh, new skin while reducing enlarge pores and softening dark spots. It dramatically smooths fine lines & softens acne and other scars.
•    Antioxidant Defense Complex inhibits free radicals, reduces visible redness and increases hydration and radiance.
•    Retinol Resurfacing Complex smooths away the appearance of lines, Crow’s Feet, laugh lines and discolorations. It’s for all skin types and restores the look of your skin’s youthful tone and texture. It is approved for use around your eyes as well.
•    Soothe & Defend HydraGel is the High Performance Treatment for dehydrated, over-processed and problem skin. This soothing gel clears mild imperfections – soothes and hydrates for silky skin texture.  It also calms visible redness and reduces signs of aging from inflammation.
•    Cell Youth ™ Actif is for mature or maturing skin. It works to activate youthful skin in 14 ways, addresses the 5 key processes that have the most impact on aging and corrects 14 different signs of aging.
•    Total Age Corrector is for all skin types, maturing and mature. It helps support your skin’s architecture with 10 synergistic time reversal technologies, while it visibly lifts, volumizes and redefines contours within weeks. It also enhances smoothness, firmness, elasticity and offers deep hydration and luminosity.
•    Eye Serum Illuminating Contour Lift is for all skin types. It visibly firms, lifts and sculpts eyelid contours. It minimizes dark shadows, puffiness, surface and deep lines and wrinkles.  It also shields the eye area from aging high energy light produced by smartphones, tablets and computer screens.
•    Rapid Repair Surface Recovery Serum is for all skin types that have a compromised barrier, are post-procedure, sun damaged or acne prone. This soothing serum relieves signs of tingling, stinging, redness and discomfort while it accelerates the recovery of stressed skin. It Repairs microlesions in the skin’s barrier, Revives healthy looking skin color and Returns visible firmness and density to your skin.
•    Refiner Smoothing Age Perfector can be used on all skin types and revives clarity, smoothness and luminously re-energizes the skin. This protector visibly firms, smooths and retexturizes while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also fortifies the skin’s daily defenses.
•    Redensifier Firming Nourishing Repair is for dry to extra dry skin. This luxuriously rich crème restores your skin’s resiliency, helps define your facial contours while minimizing fine lines and creases. Your skin will feel firmer and the volume and density will feel dramatically younger. Your skin will be healthier looking, softer and more supple instantly.
 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Your esthetician at Caddell’s Laser Clinic will be happy to explain the benefits of these fine products and how they can preserve and protect your skin. For more information before your next appointment, give us a call today!
 The Finest Skin Care Products Can Be Found At Caddell's Laser and Electrolysis Clinic, serving Bellevue, Seattle and the Greater Puget Sound Area since 1982.

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