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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal for men is a popular solution for excessive hair on back, chest and legs. Many body builders and athletic men enjoy the laser hair removal as a way to show off their athletic results.

Additionally, men who have gained a level of fitness and muscle tone don't want to hide their attractive muscles behind a thick coating of hair. Some men who wish to have tattoos on their chest or back or any place will commonly have laser hair removal performed before the tattoo. Later this may be a difficult option (remember ink is a pigment).

Laser Beard Sculpting

Men who are tired of shaving more often than normal are choosing to have Laser Beard Sculpting done on their beard. Having Laser Hair Removal results in softer, finer hair growing back, which requires shaving only once a week. It saves men time because they don't have to shave every morning, it saves them money because they don't wear out the necks on their shirts so quickly and best of all, it saves on their lady's faces when they don't get scratched! The shadow of the beard remains so the actual look of the face hasn't changed.

5 stars!

I have had both laser hair removal and electrolysis done at Caddell's, and had a fantastic experience.

I went in to get laser hair removal done in 2 areas, and had such a good experience that I both expanded to more areas, and adding electrolysis for a few spots like my 2 tattoos (where laser won't work for hair removal).

I have worked with both Zuzanna and Debbie for laser hair removal; each one was extremely professional, set my expectations well, were easy to schedule time with, quickly moved me up to a higher (and therefore more effective) laser setting but also watched for discomfort around sensitive body parts.  I am glad to have worked with them both.

Karen for electrolysis is also fantastic.  She explained the procedure well, works quickly, monitors comfort levels, and is just overall very pleasant to be around.

Several years ago, I got laser done on my chest at a different location, which sold me a package.  It was a different laser and a different practitioner, but ultimately 70% of the hair grew back.  So far, the laser at Caddell's seems to be working far better, and their pricing system makes for cheaper visits if you need to come back for maintenance after your regular sessions.

I have recommended the service and individual people to a friend who also has since visited and had a great experience, and I intend to recommend them to more people.
- D.A.


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