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Electrolysis - Permanent Hair Removal

Electrology is the treatment f permanent hair removal utilizing only solid needle-type devices. A tiny, sterile probe is skillfully inserted into the hair follicle along the hair shaft. This gentle insertion is not usually noticed by you because each hair pore will easily expand to allow the probe to slide in next to the hair. A slight impulse of electrical current is then applied through the probe to destroy the hair root and cauterize the blood supply to the hair. Once totally destroyed, there is no way for the follicle to produce another hair.
Electrolysis is used on any body part where the hair is too light to be successfully treated with the Laser for Laser Hair Removal and also for Eyebrow Shaping for all hair colors.
Caddell's Laser and Electrolysis Clinic offers a warm and inviting atmosphere to all our clientele, including transgenders. We offer complimentary consultations to discuss the best treatment for your Hair Removal needs. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation.   425-998-0181
 Caddell's Laser and Electrolysis Clinic offers electrolysis as a supplemental treatment in conjunction with other treatments to make sure you get the results you want!
Electrolysis Services from Caddell's Laser and Electrolysis Clinic, serving Bellevue, Seattle and the
Greater Puget Sound since 1982.

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