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Clients are our best source of referrals - we love them and appreciate it when they tell their friends about the treatments they have done at Caddell's. We hope you enjoy reading a few of our favorites!
Testimonials found on other sites are especially nice - here's one from Todd about our tattoo removal services. Thanks!
Another testimonial has recently been brought to our attention - this client of Caddell's chronicled her Tattoo Removal treatments at Caddell's and it's a great history of how a tattoo is removed.  It's fairly long and is well worth the read if you are thinking about having a tattoo removed and why you should choose Caddell's Laser Clinic!

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Age 32, has one child. Didn't think I needed Femtouch. It seemed normal to have a bit of incontinence. I didn't realize that is what it was.
Once I was well informed on all the benefits, I thought "Why wouldn't I want to give a little help to my feminine area?"
I'm very happy with how quick and easy the treatment time was. I was able to do it on my lunch break!
Comment by: KW

After my Femtouch treatments, I definitely had improvements in both bladder control (no more leaking when I coughed too hard). Also, much improvement of vaginal dryness. I had a series of there treatments. There was no pain! Results have held for 1+ yrs!
Comment by: Anonymous

My advice to anyone who is talking about vaginal aging is to start NOW! Don't wait. I used to get up 4-5 times a night. It's gotten a lot better. My pH is exactly what it's supposed to be. Dryness went back to normal right away. I love the Femtouch laser treatment.
Comment by: MM

For the better part of 25 years, from knee to ankle, every single follicle was always inflammed, sore, pustules, bleeding, etc. Shaving my legs was a horrific daily event. When I would try not to shave, it made things worse. And the itching drove me nuts! I saw dermatologists, allergists, had biopsies, you name it. I took all sorts of meds, creams, etc. My last option was laser. My mum saw an advert highlighting Debbie and her business. I had to try it. Debbie changed my life. After a few treatments, I noticed a big difference in the sores. The hairs started to become finer. I started to heal more red oozing itchy bumps! Debbie took very good care of me (and my legs) to the point that I have very little to no hair...and smooth, healed skin that doesn't itch. If you're having a difficult time with folliculitis, don't wait like I did. Caddell's will help you. I can't thank Debbie and her team enough!
Comment by: H.A.

I have had 2 of 3 Femtouch treatments and have already seen improvement. I'm in my early 40s and gave birth to two large babies. Needless to say, I have trouble with stress urinary incontinence more often that I'd like. Femtouch has improved leakage and increased my vaginal tone and moisture. The procedure was painless, just like they told me it would be. I'm excited for my 3rd treatment next week. Several of my friends and colleagues are also interested. This is a great option for me as I prefer treatment without surgery or medications if possible.
Comment by: K.T.

I'm 67 and an avid runner, with my main race being the 15K. It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to run these longer distances because of Stress Urinary Incontinence.

And forget about sneezing!

I decided to give the FemTouch treatment a try and I'm really glad I did. After the first treatment and necessary recovery period, I've been able to run without worry, which makes running just a lot more fun.

And while it's still not fun to sneeze 15 times in a row, at least I know I can.

I will go back to Caddell's to finish up my treatments for continued success.
Comment by: E.P.

I own a tattoo studio in Renton, Sacred Soul Tattoo. I send EVERYONE who wants a cover up her way as I know she will give them the best quality service, best price, best results, attitude, smile & customer service. I simply LOVE her! Before I knew Debbie, I went to a fancy dermatologist who claimed they had the best lasers & was ripped off for $1,500 to get half a small black & grey tattoo not even removed but just lightened. I have seen Debbie's results, she can achieve better results in 2 sessions then I got in 5. Debbie has educated me on her services so when I am referring clients to her I can properly answer their questions. She works closely with the tattoo community & works with artists to give the best results she can. Debbie will ask what your goals are & work with you & your artist to deliver the best results possible. Simply Amazing People! DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE OR YOU WILL BE SORRY! Sacred Soul Tattoo supports Caddell's and will continue to do so!
Comment by: Sacred Soul Tattoo

I've had laser hair removal & electrolysis done at Caddell's, & had a fantastic experience. Laser hair removal was done in 2 areas, & I expanded to more areas & added electrolysis. For Laser Hair Removal I had Zuzanna & Debbie, each one was professional, set my expectations well, were easy to schedule time with, quickly moved me up to a higher (& more effective) laser setting but also watched for discomfort around sensitive body parts. I am glad to have worked with them both. Karen for electrolysis is fantastic. She explained the procedure well, works quickly, monitors comfort levels, & is very pleasant to be around.
I got laser done on my chest at a different location previously, who sold me a package. It was a different laser & ultimately 70% of the hair grew back. The laser at Caddell's seems to be working better, & their pricing system makes for cheaper maintenance visits. I have recommended the service & individuals to a friend & I intend to recommend them to more people.
Comment by: DA

I'm happier than I've been in years partly because of you and your hair removal expertise. My transition is finally going smoothly and I truly feel I will be able to reach my goals sometime soon. Other trans women should know that the hair removal is possible and things aren't as hopeless as they might seem.

Comment by: Anonymous

I've been seeing Marsha for a few years now for laser hair removal. She is awesome! I only go back now for "strays" because for me at least, I had one treatment on my full legs and that was pretty much all I needed. I don't have to shave anymore which is amazing! It's well worth the money and let me just say this is the first time I didn't feel like dark hair on the body was a curse because the laser is attracted to the pigment in the hair. So the darker the better..yay! ?If you have ever thought about trying it, do it once and you will be hooked!
Comment by: VT
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